How It Works?

The Game Mart is a pioneer in the field of online game stores in India. You have the option to choose from a huge collection of games, if you gonna choose our site. We include all games for platforms of PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 & Xbox One. We also have a well-defined return policy of our products, if it needs to be submitted back to us, within a fixed time.

How to Buy?

At Game Mart, you have the privilege to choose from a wide array of games and gaming platforms. Just go the desired category and select from a plethora of video games mentioned there. We have three distinct categories of Newly Arrived, Pre-ordered and Pre-Owned games where you can buy your favourite latest games at affordable prices. You can also buy second hand games or reserve a game, which is yet to arrive in the market.

How to Sell?

   1.  Just specify the game that you have by clicking on the search bar or by browsing the whole catalog present on our site.

   2.  Choose the condition of the video game's CD/DVD which you have. Whether it is in Excellent, Average or Satisfactory condition.

   3. Choose whether you want to ship the CD/DVD yourself or need a delivery boy to pick up (Charges applicable). Also specify the time and date of the pickup as per suitable to you.

How you will be Paid?

We will transfer the money to your exclusive Game Mart Account. You can transfer it to your bank account if wish to do so. The necessary service charges will be deducted while the money is transferred to your Bank Account.